Where is the best place to play with my Slider?

Just about anywhere. Sliders are safe enough to play with indoors, even right in your living room! But to experience Sliders’ full flight potential you will need some open space. From your front yard to the park, beaches, and even sporting events, any open area is a great place to play with your Sliders.

How can I keep my Sliders clean?

Wash in the sink with COLD water and let dry naturally. Then rub cornstarch onto both sides to restore factory feel.

How long will my Sliders last? Are they durable?

If taken care of properly Sliders can last years. I’ve had a couple of prototypes made from the same material for more than 3 years now and they still fly and feel the same.

What should I do if my Slider gets sticky?

Easy guys, to restore the original feel of your Slider all you have to do is rub cornstarch onto both sides and you’re ready to play again.

Are Sliders safe?

Yes. Sliders are made out Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). Because (TPR) doesn’t require the use of BPA and is made without PVC, it is none toxic and completely safe. Thermoplastic rubber is also used in products like baby teethers and therapeutic stress balls. Sliders are super soft and squeezable to the touch making them very friendly to play with and easy to enjoy for everyone.

Where do you ship your products?

If you buy it, we will ship it. There is a cost to all shipping locations so make sure you’re happy with the purchase.

How do I track my shipping?

You may check your email confirmation by clicking the link for order status on shipping. Please contact us if you need more assistance.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Credit card information will be requested at checkout. Checks and money orders are NOT accepted.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day refund and return policy. Your package must be in the package it was sent in and not opened. Consumer is responsible for the return delivery.